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Gratitude + Organization = Calm

Organize Your Calm

Thomas and I downsized back in 2015. Sold our house and got rid of a lot of stuff.

It was a relief and felt very freeing.

This last summer we downsized again, moving in to an even smaller apartment.

What is funny is I still have a hard time taking the time to clean.

Even though cleaning our apartment takes up a lot less time.

Part of it is that I have never found the gratitude for the place we live, or the things we own.

Valuing Stuff

Clothing, furniture and tools we use in our daily lives, like kitchen utensils, either have a purpose, or make things pretty.

Now, most of our things are practical and less pretty.

I do think that having things organized, regardless of their use, can make them pretty.

Clean lines and practicality have been two things that I really appreciate about design.

Looking around our little apartment, I see places where this can be improved.

I also see things that can be let go of, opening up more space.

Decluttering is a long process.

It takes a few cycles.

Gratitude Cycle

This next cycle can be a little bit more about appreciating what we own.

Being grateful for what it provides.

Recognizing the gift that owning it is.

If you I do not feel that way about something, maybe it is time to let it go.

My focus has been; “does it do something for me? Do I need it instead of want it?”

Switching that to gratitude takes away the judgment and guilt when it comes to what you want to keep.

I can see how it can build a home and not just a place to eat and sleep.

How do you find gratitude in your home and with the things you own?

Look to find appreciation for the equipment and your body, that helps you to train each day. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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