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Grand Plans Or Simple Moments

Grand Plans

Grand plans can help you achieve what you did not think possible.

Seeing a possibility and wondering if it can be done.

That time before second guessing kicks in, or misgivings about taking on such an adventure.

It is exciting and brimming with potential. All the “what-if’s” are good “what-if’s”.

They have not turned the corner to “what if … it all blows up in my face!?!”

Taking on a grand plan is a way to find out what you can do. Not only the achievement, but the process of getting there.

Are you resilient? Can you make it through the grind as well as the good times?

Learning about yourself, in that moment, is a great side benefit by taking on a challenge that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Simple Moments

A simple moment is a moment where you realize that what you thought would be difficult is becoming routine.

Noticing the joy that you get from being part of a process.

Seeing the happiness in someone else’s face who is along for a journey.

Discovering that you like to do something, something that at first seemed horrible.

I loved watching people grow into loving lifting weights.

At first it is a pain because there is so much to learn.

Then it gets a to be a little more fun, as you test your strength and power over and over.

Then you become addicted to the experience and thrill of becoming stronger.

Perhaps doing a little dance when you lift more than you thought possible.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, wondering how the body reflected back lifted all that weight.


Both grand plans and simple moments can make you feel humble.

They’re peeling away the stories you may be telling yourself and leaving you with a clear focus and view of reality.

Of course, you have to be ready to receive the message…

Jump in and give yourself a pat on the back for getting in your training today. Cheers!!

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