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Getting More Worn Out…Your Recovery Sucks

Worn Out

If you find that each day that goes by you are getting more worn out.

You need to recover better.

Simple, but not easy.

Recovery from what eats up most of your energy is a challenging thing when that thing hasn’t ended.

If it is a room full of people and noise, like going to school, or if it is needing to be responsive, quickly.

Some people find recovery in the opposite.

Around a lot of noise, seeking out quiet allows them to recharge.

Being on call, ready for action. The action may work for their recovery.

Explore The Possibilities

Maybe short breaks throughout doing the thing that drains your energy is a way to not get worn out?

Every hour, if you can, chill for 10 minutes or so.

Listen to music, move, get some cold water.

Something that will help whisk you away and recharge your battery just a little.

Like plugging in your phone and putting it on flight mode for a fast recharge.

Whatever you do, try something. Don’t keep wearing yourself out.

What happens when your phone battery goes? Your phone stops working….

We do not want to experience that.

Is training a break for you?

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