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Getting Focus Can Ease Stress

Focus on Getting Focused

Use getting focus on your what, why, who, and how to help lessen the stress in your life.

While listening to one of my favorite podcasts, “Introvert Entrepreneur” with┬áhost Beth Buelow, her guest Jeffery Shaw suggested that in order to connect with an audience, you need to know your values and speak to them. In doing so, you will connect with your people authentically by using language.

I have heard business coaches say this before. It was the way Mr. Shaw said it that spoke to me. It was the words he choose and how he focused his intention.

He came across as wanting to genuinely understand the people he served so he could be better at it.

Instead of imagining who is going to buy your product. Or wh you want to provide a service to.

He narrowed his focus down to values – your values – so that when you talk with people about what you do, the ones who hear – because you use words that click with them – feel connected. Then you can serve them better.

Room For Everyone

We share humanity, but our experience of humanity is individual and nuanced. This whole idea and taking in this idea gave me a sense of relief.

No longer feeling like I had to justify and sell who I am. That mindset taps into my need for everyone I come in contact with to like me.

Wanting everyone to like me makes me compromise my values and bend my boundaries in ways that are not necessarily helpful. For me, that way of thinking adds a world of stress from feeling scattered to sometimes used.

Life Skill

Try using the life skill of creating goals based on your want, and why, in areas of your life you have not considered. Breaking it down into action items to do daily, weekly, monthly.

Feel the relief?

In what ways do you use goal setting? Can you think of another area of your life that you can apply it to?

Time to get your heart a pumping. Cheers to a great training session!!

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