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Gather and Celebrate To Mark A Milestone

Gather Together

This Saturday Thomas and I are going to gather together with my parents and siblings to celebrate all of our marriages.

We all got married in the end of Summer/start of Fall.

Last year was my parents 50th anniversary and we took them out to a nice dinner.

This year my parents want to celebrate all our anniversaries at the same restaurant.

It is very sweet and a nice excuse to gather together for a good meal, and an enjoyable conversation.

Setting The Bar

What I liked about my mom’s suggestion was that it was not planned.

Last year at the end of celebrating their anniversary there was no grand plan laid to come back and do it again.

At least it was not spoken of.

That gives us all a gift of spontaneity, and something to look forward to.

Tradition can have a weight to it that is detering.

Expectations seem to go hand in hand with tradition.

“We have always done it this way.” “If you do not serve this or, do these things it is not the same.”

Nope, it is not the same. But is it less?

Taking the pressure off and letting what happens do so naturally is a nice way to celebrate and spend time together.

We had to move the date a couple of times, but no one is saying “well we can’t do it now, it’s too late.”

Instead everyone feels supported, and accommodated.

We all are looking forward to spending a little time together, without the pressures of hosting.


Finding ways to connect, without loading on the pressure of expectations, I think, is important.

Appreciation for each other, not the day, comes to the forefront of why we are spending time together.

What is your take on tradition vs. spontaneity and gathering as a family?

Enjoy your time training today, and staying fit. Cheers!!


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