Food is Love, really?(and the Weekly Workout)

Food is love, really?

On my way into the studio this week I was listening to a program on National Public Radio about the subject “how our brains evolved to equate food with love” and what affect it is having on the american waistline.

This struck a cord with me for two reasons

One, it is basically the main reason for the cupcake experiment. Really it is about showing myself love, by giving myself a reward for doing my best in a workout. I could have chosen to reward myself with going to the movies, signing up for another race, or new shoes but I chose food. I wondered why?

Which leads to two, this is how I grew up. We ate well balanced whole foods on a daily bases. Special occasions, family outings, celebrations and rewards were marked by McDonalds, Burger King, ice cream sundaes, chips, chocolates, etc. After baseball and softball we would go to McDonalds to celebrate the game. If we were going on a picnic in the summer we would swing by the Colonel for a bucket of chicken. Some of my favorite times growing up were spent eating foods not in our daily diet.

My personal experience with food love evolved over the years.

When I first headed out to college it was exciting to eat what ever I wanted. When I missed my family I turned to our “special occasion food”. The ones I remembered enjoying together. But, on a daily bases, I still ate whole foods. I decided I didn’t like the taste of meat. That was a mistake and another post all together.

Anytime life doesn’t work the way I would like it to, I turn to what is now comfort food to feel better. I no longer visit the fast food joints, but I love the taste of a burger when I am down. I make it at home with real ingredients and get just as much comfort. Now and then I will even add my version of fries.

This week was the Web Monkey’s b-day. How did I show him the love? With food. I made him a cake and some special yummy meals. He got a card too. But, I felt like I was showing my love by making good food. The card was the required behavior of a good wife.

As my willingness to perceive this habit is taking root. I find I have an opportunity to make some choices. Take a minute and see if I am hungry. Recognize if other stresses in my life are making me crave certain foods. Is the gift of really showing love or, is there another way to express these feelings.

The National Public Radio program was fascinating in that it reviewed our social history into food as love and why so many of us share this relationship with what we eat.

The cupcake experiment is coming to close next week

I don’t believe that I am any worse off. The measurements will let me know. If I didn’t earn it I didn’t eat it. As a motivator it didn’t seem to keep the motor running. I am going to need to find another way to reward myself for a good work out.

Weekly Workout March 9 – March 13

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