Planning for Warm Weather Fitness Fun (And this weeks Workout)

Warm Weather Fitness FUN – Time To Plan!

It is that time of year, just before a major snow storm(!), when we start looking ahead to the warm weather and all the fitness fun that we can have outdoors. Living in New England gives us plenty to do outdoors in the winter, but I am not all that great in the cold. We enjoy skiing but can’t seem to get out to the slopes. But we keep signing up for running races, and looking ahead to the warm weather when the sprint triathlon season will start again.

Our group of sprint triathletes just started planning out what races they want to do this summer, and our running group is already signed up for early spring races. We are not a group of elite athletes. We are a group of women and men, using our workouts in the fitness studio to fuel our fun. We challenge ourselves to see what we can accomplish. Our goals are simply to finish, beat our last time, or just get off the couch and enjoy the shared experience of being outside.

We enjoy bike rides, swimming, running, kayaking, hiking, horse back riding, walking and any activity that strikes our fancy (yes, this is a personal ad… :-D) Since we put in the time to gain strength and condition ourselves for activity, we have the freedom to choose what we want to do. Nothing lights a fire more than a goal to focus on. When you train with purpose, amazing things can happen. Overall we have a great time supporting each other and bringing the FUN each day we train and each race we are in! Pick your fitness fun in the sun, and start getting ready.

This weeks fitness boot camp is all about building off of last weeks bodyweight circuit. Some of us are even getting loaded (just to be clear, I am referring to weights, not booze!).

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