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Finding Ways To Improve Your Physical Activity

Improve Physical Activity

Improve physical activity by adding chores, getting a dog, or helping out friends in the neighborhood.

If you would like to improve your physical activity but are having a hard time finding ways to do so lets explore a few ideas, maybe one of them is worth a try?

Adding Chores to Your Day

Instead of doing one full day of cleaning and chores, consider splitting them up throughout your week.

A friend of mine does this with her whole house.

Monday clean bathrooms, Tuesday clean kitchen, Wednesday clean living rooms, Thursday clean bedrooms, Friday do laundry, Saturday work in the yard, Sunday is funday.

It helps eliminate that feeling of losing a day to chores.

Plus, your house is usually better organized and clean.

Sunday you still get a whole day off for recharging or prepping food for the week.

The less space you have the less time you spend on each task.

Getting A Dog

Getting a dog is a great way to increase your physical activity.

Each day you need to head out for a walk a least twice a day, if not three.

If you can not, or do not want to get a dog, consider helping out neighbors who have one (or more).

You can dog sit in your home, or you can offer to walk a neighbors dog, if they can not get home in time, or need to leave early.

If your name as a trusted dog walker gets out, you could possibly be turning away walks.

Maybe you are not a dog person at all?

How about…

Being Neighborly

One thing I enjoyed about staying at my brothers place is how his neighbors helped each other out.

If someone was away on vacation, they would mow that persons lawn.

Need to move something, call on your neighbor.

Letting your neighbors know that you are glad to help can increase your physical activity and help build good relationships with your neighbors.

What other ways can you imagine adding physical activity to your day?

How about few more physical activity ideas…

Enjoy your training session. Cheers!!

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