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Finding Like Minded Peeps

Finding Your Support Peeps

Finding peeps who support you and think similarly to you regarding healthy habits is an important step in your journey towards better health.

Who we pick for love, or the family we are born into, may not share your health point of view.

This is not about abandoning them or trading anyone in. It is about recognizing what kind of relationship it is.

If part of a relationship does not include sharing your health goals, do they respect them?

If not, how can you have a heart-to-heart conversation letting them know how important your goals are to you?


There are many compromises that can be made, if only one person in a family is looking to change health habits.

  • Shifting schedules around to make sure that getting to the gym can happen.
  • Agreeing to add a vegetable to your meals on the side, so everyone can choose.
  • Making family favorites a little more healthy by switching or upgrading some ingredients.

Focusing on what you can control; eating slowly to “just full”, drinking low-caloric beverages, exercising at a scheduled time, your portion sizes, and other personal habits.

Calling Out the Saboteur

Sometimes you will come across a saboteur, instead of a supporter. I suggest that you question them about their lack of support and desire to derail your journey.

It always comes down to what they are going through, and has nothing to do with you.

Just like any other bully behavior, it is difficult to experience. Yet, their bullying comes from a place of pain.

Instead of trying to remove, or manage, their pain they choose to inflict pain on others.

Ask them why they do not want you to be healthier.  Or, why does it appear that they care little for you wellbeing when you know they care about you.

Talking about what you want to achieve with your health in social situations is one way to find like minded people. You may even find yourself a training buddy.

Come train with us today (we’re jumping around too), cheers!

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