Virtual Personal Training

What is it?

The S3F Virtual Personal Training program is an online resource designed to help you with daily activities (workouts) and accountability. You’ll get daily workouts from us, and you’ll be assigned a coach (certified trainer) to help you on your exercise journey. Your coach will check in with you occasionally, or you can contact them whenever you need to. The point is to help you to with get your recommended 150 minutes per week of activity done.

How do I sign up for the program?

To sign up for the S3F Virtual Personal Trainer service, simply head over to our sign-up page and complete all of the required fields.

Do I get custom workout programs?

If you have specific goals, we will certainly work with you to try and help you achieve them. Keep in mind that since this is a virtual program, you should expect to be somewhat self-motivated (although we’re happy to “crack the whip” on occasion).

What if I have questions?

If you’re not yet a member of the program, you’re welcome to use the “Contact Us” form (see the top level menu on this page).And if you’re signed up, log in to the site and locate the “Your Personal Trainer” page. We’ve included a “Contact your Coach” form there where you can ask questions, report issues, request a FaceTime or Skype call, etc.

What if I’m not on a computer?

Although the program requires online access to see the daily workout, you do not need to be at a computer to access it. The website has been designed to show well on smart phones and tablets as well as computers.

At the moment we do not have an archive of printable workouts, but we are evaluating technical solutions to let us generate something similar.

How do I edit my workout record(s)?

Once you’ve saved an entry for an exercise set, for instance the weight and the number of repetitions you did, you can edit the data by clicking on the blue weight/time or Repetition entry. This will bring up the input boxes with the “Save” button again.

To find an old workout and update it, use the date navigation links on your Dashboard to locate the correct day, then click the “Read more” link for that days activity, and use the same process as described above.

Where do you post the daily workout?

You can access your workout routine on the day it’s scheduled from the members only Personal Training Dashboard page. The warm-up (“The Warm-up” and the routine (“The Activity”) scheduled that day are accessible from the links section on that page.

How do I time my workout?

Some of the routines require a timer, which you can easily get from the app store on your smart phone. Some of the routines can work fine without a specific timer and just using a watch to time your breaks. We’ve also compiled a page of ready-made timers. For instance the 15 minute timer, which is a recording with simple start/stop commands, based on a typical program model we use. These timers contain no music, so if you like music while you train you will need to find a way to mix the timer and your music. The timer can be downloaded or streamed directly. It’s up to you.

What equipment will I need?

Aside from the technical equipment (Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone) needed to access this online program, not a whole lot! We’re firm believers in the notion that the body is the best piece of exercise equipment you can come up with.There may be times when you’d like to add some resistance (weight) or try something different. Although we’re not big fans of the 2lbs dumb bell, dumb bells are wonderful tools when it comes to adding resistance. So if you have them, by all means. (Don’t spend money on anything less than 10lbs dumb bells, please!) But we’re not asking you to go grab a set! Loads of other things add resistance too. Resistance tubes, rubber bands, sand bags, bricks, etc. Be creative! (We’ll add a page with equipment suggestions and links soon)

When is the workout available?

The system hosting this service is operating on the Eastern US timezone. The workouts are defined and released as daily workouts. A new workout will become available after midnight (Eastern US Time) unless it’s a “no workout” day.

How do I record a body weight exercise?

When using our system, we recommend you record having used your body weight, i.e. no additional resistance or weight, as “Weight” = 0 and then recording the number of repetitions.

This way you can easily see resistance progressions on the status pages

Bit Better Coaching

What is Bit Better Coaching?

Bit Better Coaching is a new approach to fat loss. It will launch during the Summer of 2015. If you’d like more information, and to sign up for the pre-sale list, head on over to our Coaching for Women or our Coaching for Men information pages.

Why a gender specific program?

Because women and men have different physiological considerations we need to make. And, sometimes, your goals are different when it comes to health and fitness.

Billing and Membership

I have a discount code error

If you’ve received a discount code and are having issues trying to apply it, first make sure you haven’t accidentally added any leading or trailing whitespace characters (i.e. an extra space after the code). It’s a pretty common occurrence whenever we copy and paste things to “pick up” an extra space character. Next, make sure you’ve entered the code exactly the same way as you received it. I.e. the upper/lower case letters are the same, and so on.If you’re 100% certain you’ve entered the code exactly as you received it, please use the contact form (see the top-level menu on this page) and let us know that you’re having a problem. Make sure you send us both the error message you’re receiving, as well as the code you’re attempting to use.

How to update my billing information?

If any of your billing information has changed, you can go to the Account Billing page to update it. Please note that you have to be logged in to your account in order to modify your billing information

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