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Eyes Shut But the Light Is Still On

Shut My Eyes But It Is Still Light

I can not shut my eyes tight enough to block out this sunlight.

Since we got to Norway, the sun has been setting later and later in the evening.

(Photo above, from last night at 10:00pm!)

It makes me wonder how people who have to sleep while it is light out can control their environment.

I know when we lived in Norway, I had to paint our bedroom dark blue and have a rolling shade with black-out curtains.

It makes sleep possible but getting up a challenge.

Now, every couple of nights, we stay up later and later without realizing it.

Shift works and People Living Far North

My brother has done shift work for the better part of fifteen years.

He has had shortened sleep days, and weekends full of catch-up sleep.

Being in the far north makes it obvious that not everyone can rely on their circadian rhythm to guide them to sleep.

It does not seem to be an issue if the sun goes down before 10:00pm.

I recall hearing people chatter about how much more they get done in the summer, with extended daylight hours.

I hear the same thing here.

But when twilight comes around 11:00pm and the sun comes up around 4:00am, you’re left with 5 hours of dark.

For a light sensitive person, that is tough!

Control Your Environment

If you can not build yourself a sleep cave, what can you do?

Learn to sleep with eye covers on. After you get dead tired, it kind of comes easily.

I feel sorry for night shift works because they have to deal with daytime noise.

No one is trying to be quiet, and not everyone else is home sleeping.

Ear plugs and/or white noise must be the answer.

I imagine it is also has the same training; Get dead tired and it comes easily.

What is the light like where you live?

Do you need to make seasonal adjustment, if so, which adjustments do you make?

I hope you got around eight restful hours of sleep to fuel your training today. Cheers!!

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