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Entertainment With Food & Drink

Soul + Function + Entertainment

Food and drink have been a form of entertainment for a long time.

Now we can watch shows on a network devoted to food and drink.

Many people have made their lives and livelihood devoted to food and drink by making their own blogs or vlogs.

Why is food and drink so entertaining? Is it an art form, or a source of energy?

Food for Soul

When we grow up we learn about our family’s food culture. What we eat during celebrations, family get-togethers, or for everyday meals.

One person in our immediate family, or a close relative, would like to cook. They would make tasty food. We started to have favorite foods and then tie them to special moments.

An example of this for myself, is  a traditional Norwegian birthday cake; bløtkake, and being in Norway during the Summer.

Since my birthday is during the summer months, when we would visit family, I got to fall in love with their traditional birthday cake.

It developed my over-all fondness of cake and pastries.

When I had cake in the states for the first time, I remember wondering what was wrong.

The icing was so sweet. To me, cake had whipped cream with a hint of sugar for icing, and fresh berries.

I grew to like and enjoy American sheet cake, but it will never be birthday cake to me.

Food for Function

When we hear the word diet we think of restrictions and not eating good food. This does not have to be the case.

When you have a specific purpose or health wish, then food becomes about how it makes your body function.

This can inform your decisions on what food works for you. It does not say anything about how the food tastes.

If I want to get fit and healthy, having cake every week does not work for me.

Having Norwegian birthday cake once a year still does.

Do you see food as entertaining? If so, in what way?

Can food also support how you want your body to function? If so, in what way?

Consider testing how well your food choices support your training energy today. Cheers!!

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