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Eating Super Foods, Feels Super

Super-duper Foods

Eating super-duper foods made me feel pretty super…and craving a bit of dark chocolate.

Why is it that when we eat what we consider to be super foods, we feel mentally a little more together?

I had some salmon today, with a spinach salad on the side.

A lot of good brain food and I feel a bit fired up.

Is it all in my head? Considering I got done eating about an hour ago, yes it is.

Just like taking a sugar pill thinking it will make you feel better, so will good food… Until it really does.

Define Your Super

Everyone has their own tastes about what is good and good for you. 

Finding that balance between what you are interested in eating and what can nourish your body can be a challenge.

Sometimes soul food, is not good body building food.

I like Salmon, and I like Spinach. So that meal was tasty to me.

Tofu, and bean sprouts… Not my idea of very tempting. 

The only way I would probably eat tofu is if it was deep-fried and then, what is the point.

I would rather eat straight up soy beans, or any other beans instead of tofu.

Even though I spent time in Japan as a child, and ate at local restaurants, I never had tofu.

I had beef or chicken, I think…

What Food Turns On Your Bad-Ass Switch?

Find out which foods turn on your bad-ass switch. 

What makes you feel like your best self after you have eaten it? 

Consider making a bad-ass eating list. 

So those days, you just can seem to think you have a reference and can decide is it a bad-ass moment, or a soul food moment.

Name one food that makes you feel like a bad-ass?

Fuel up and train. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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