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Eating Until You Feel Lightness Instead of Fullness

A Feeling of Lightness

Eating until you feel lightness is more about energy than satiation. It is about clearing out feeling of slowness, lethargy, and grogginess.

I notice this in the morning more often than later in the day.

After I get a little to eat in the morning, I can think better and have a little pep in my step.

That means something other than eating until I feel full. When that happens, I will feel slow and lazy soon after.

A light feeling from eating comes with a small meal that is just enough to ignite the fire for the day, without burning up too fast.

For myself I find that one soft boiled egg, a handful of muesli with almond milk and a almond milk latte, or black coffee will do the trick.

Figuring It Out

I stumbled on this idea of lightness instead of fullness from wanting to feel ready for my day and not ready to go back to bed.

I thought my meals either needed to be jam packed, or real low in calories.

Instead of thinking about calories I decided I would consider how it made me feel.

If a handful of raw spinach, with kielbasa and an apple was not going to cut it, I had to find something else.

I tried two eggs with toast, or just muesli. Neither cut it. When I put them together I found I only needed one egg.

How Full Do You Stay

When I eat to feel light, I expect to start to get hungry in about three hours.

I plan ahead for this. I know what I am going to eat next.

It may not be prepped and ready, but I know where it is located and how long it will take me to fix it.

Have you ever experimented with eating to feel a certain way? If so, how did it work for you?

Have a great training session. Cheers!!

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