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What is Early…Two Thirty…Why Are Eyes Open?

Early = Two Thirty = Eyes Shut

At two thirty – way too early(!) – my eyes popped open because I was overheated. I had to throw off my covers and get up to cool down.

This has been happening more frequently. As a woman in her late 40’s I know what this means. The big M is knocking on my door.

I just wish it would knock at some other time.

I had pre-ordered a book of my favorite authors that evening and because it was past midnight it showed up in my Kindle app. That was a positive discovery.

When six thirty came and I was still awake it did not feel like such a great thing anymore. And I was having a hard time regulating my body temp, still…

Body Temp Regulation

One of the best ways to regulate body temp is to have good circulation. The hypothalamus is the regulator (thermostat) of your body. It adjusts your body temp by fine-tuning hormones and chemicals released, body fluid balance, and salt concentrate.

I found this great article that uses a thermostat in a house to describe the function of the hypothalamus. For details read here.

It helps make more sense out of why anecdotally based advice given to women going through menopause, or peri-menopause, is to stay well hydrated.

An educated guess would be that doing activities that promote good circulation would be a good thing as well.

Yesterdays’ younger heart program may help with today’s overheating experience.

What To Do

Before heading to the doc’s to check on hormone levels and chemical balances to see what is going on with the hypothalamus, I could make sure my fluid balance was in check daily and then up my game with intervals and endurance training.

If you know someone, or have experienced body overheating yourself, what did they/you do keep it in check? Was sticking a foot out from under the covers enough?

Get moving and help regulate your body temp. Cheers!!

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