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Diving into Emotions to Chill Out.

Diving in, to Chill Out

Can diving into emotions help you to chill out?

Listening to a meditation audio today I was struck by the advice to dive into negative emotions, in order to chill out.

The idea being that the longer you avoid them, the longer they stay with you.

Which makes perfect sense.

If you have ever been around someone who gives you the silent treatment, you know nothing changes until they bury it deep, or finally talk.

When they talk it is more a conclusion than seeking to find common ground, or a joint resolution.

Can you really move on and put an emotional situation out of your mind if you bury it, or “decide” how it’s going to be?

Moving On

When faced with emotions that do not feel good, how does sitting with it and experiencing it make it better?

In someways it seems like wallowing in it.

If it is factual news that triggers emotions then I understand trying to get past why it makes you feel the way it does.

A fact can not be changed, and preventing someone from reacting a certain way is unpredictably impossible.

News is news. They aren’t good or bad, they are just news.

How we choose to take those news is our own choice.

Of course, being told horrible health news usually results in some distressing emotions.

But is recognizing them and experiencing them instead of running away by keeping busy, or making sure you have purpose, any better?

When my mom was in the hospital, I coped by being the caretaker of both my parents.

I cannot say that I sat with the fear of the unknown.

It was always there. Not really holding my hand, more like clinging to my leg.

I am sure life will offer up other opportunities to try something different.

Do you find diving into your emotions a solution that works for you?

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