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Direct Facts

Going Direct to The Facts

Facts can help you get a message across directly.

One real nice thing about facts is that they just are.

There is no opinion, it just is.

A fact can be as simple as something you quoted, or wrote earlier.

Then later on, someone asks you can I have this because something did not happen.

You can go back in time/your archives and pull from what you had originally quoted.

That becomes a fact. With a timestamp and witnesses, it becomes even more solid.

Facts Matter

Facts matter because they give weight to a point of view.

In the health and nutrition industry it is common to quote a study.

A sensational part, or one sentence, of a study can be used in a popular article as the supporting fact.

If you dig deeper and look at the study, you may find the advice that they are giving to a middle-aged female reader is based of what was found to be true for an early twenty-something man.

The article tries to apply something to a general population, but it may only be true for a few.

The age of the subjects and audience are way off.

In most cases with health and nutrition, gender makes a big difference.

Thst headline, catchy and provocative, really cannot be applied to the people the article was written for.

But only those who care to, and know how to, will read the actual study to learn this.

The rest will be duped into believing, maybe even making choices, based on information that does not really apply to them.

Be Your Own Study

That is one reason why we suggest that you be your own study.

Granted, your study cannot be for only a few days. A little time and effort needs to go into it if you really want to understand the possible outcome.

You do not have to become a complete science geek.

Figuring out a few things that you want to measure is all you need to do.

If I run for 15 minutes will I breathe easier two weeks from now?

What can I measure to determine if I am breathing easier?

If I take the stairs everyday for a month, will I run better?

How will I know that I am running better?

Keep it simple and stick with it.

Experiments are another way to bring a little fun into your life of training. Cheers!!

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