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Darkness Happens Earlier

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Darkness Advantage

With the darkness of the fall back time change, opportunity to train early comes up.

I am not the best morning person.

When it gets dark, I feel like curling up and falling asleep.

Now that the clocks have turned back and we have more morning light, it may be a time to take the opportunity it presents.

Having problems squeezing in a little workout at the end of the day?

Now that it is getting dark earlier your energy will drop even faster.

So what you can you do is to take advantage of that hour in the morning.

Sleep In At Night

Instead of using the morning to sleep in, sleep in in the evening. Go to bed just a little bit earlier.

Enjoy that extra hour of night.

In the morning, get up and enjoy the extra hour of light with a little tour out in the world.

Or, turn on a training/workout show and move around a little.

Maybe you like yoga, dancing, or body weight calisthenics.

So many options to move a little in the am… Without feeling like you need a nap afterwards.

It can feel like a stolen hour, if you like.

Leave Work In the Dark

Leaving work in the dark can feel really blah.

It is hard to be motivated to do much, besides get warm, eat good food, and laugh a little at your favorite show.

I like to read at this time of year.

Loose myself in a book, it is a guilty pleasure.

I feel less guilty if I get in an early morning training session.

How about you? What do you do when the winter darkness sets in?

Train a little and brighten your day. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Yes, I want online training!

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