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Cut Out Stress By Being Still

Cut Out Daily Stressors

To cut out daily stressors sounds like a great idea to bring down your overall stress. A great idea which brings hard choices.

A choice not to reach for the phone, remote, or log in to social media.

These things are distractors. It may seem like you are doing something that is helping you chill out because it is different than “work”.

Is it cutting stress or distracting you from being aware of stress? I find that after I watch TV, I do not feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ready to take on the next challenge?

Not really.

I do better if I take a little time out. If I get caught up in watching a bird of prey hunt, or simply watching long prairie grass dance in the field across the street.

Those hypnotic moments that help me to appreciate that the world is bigger than my section.

Forest Bathing…Again

This idea of cutting out stress by not distracting but connecting with the world reminds me of forest bathing.

I referred to it before as a way to take a time out and give yourself a mental health boost, like they do in Japan.

I do not have a forest near me. We are surrounded by buildings, concrete, construction, and grass lands.

Finding connections to nature through birds, and plants can be done in most urban settings.

If you are lucky enough to live next to trees and woodlands, see what happens if you spend a little time just hanging with them.

A patch of grass in the middle of a busy area may also allow you to at least feel the blades on your hands.

What helps you to cut out stress? Does watching nature give you relief, how do you know?

Hope you have a great bout of training today. Cheers!!

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