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Cultivate Motivation Through Deliberate Practice

Cultivate Motivation

Deliberate practice can be a way to cultivate motivation for consistent practice and improvement.

What is a deliberate practice?

It is deliberately choosing to push a boundary of your skill level.

You can select the boundary, or have a coach or trainer select it for you.

What is pushing your boundary?

It is taking one extra step that takes something you are comfortable with and making it uncomfortable.

If you are a runner who is comfortable with steady-state running and comfortably running a half marathon what would your next challenge be?

May be to run a marathon, or is it to run a faster mile?

Which one makes you more uncomfortable?

Breaking Discomfort

In parkour we call this “breaking the jump”.

Find a jump that brings up your fears and work your way through them.

There is an initial understanding that your mind only sees jumps it thinks you can jump.

It may not happen on the first attempt, or several attempts later, but the idea is to keep working it.

Taking steps to whittle away the fears that block you from jumping.

Now,  just imagine you jump and make it.

The thrill is what charges your motivation.

If you ran a real fast mile and experienced all the sensations of pushing your body to run full out, instead of steady-state and embrace the discomfort, you tap into feelings of exhilaration.

Exhilaration is motivation.


Honest straight forward feedback that is constructive will help you hone your deliberate practice.

If you do not have a coach, trainer, or buddy with you, consider filming yourself.

You can use that as a tool to provide unbiased feedback.

Film is also easy to share with people you think will help you improve at the skill you are trying to hone.

Learning to push yourself into and through discomfort is one way to learn how to dissipate fears that may be causing stress.

Fears that are only stories we tell ourselves, not ones that actually protect us.

After your training session today, think of one exercise, skill, activity, you could take up a notch and push yourself into discomfort.

What would your first step be?


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