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Count Your Wins, Note Your Losses

Count Your Wins

Taking a count of your wins and noting your losses is one way to gain perspective.

Looking back on the past 3 months, 6 months, or year and asking a few big questions can help.

Questions like;

What have I been consistently doing that is helping me meet my goals?


What have I been consistently doing that is hindering me from reaching my goals?

These are key questions that will show you both sides of your current situation.

The insight you gain can help you make an adjustments you want to make.

Recognizing Losses

Recognizing losses does not have to be a negative exercise.

It may reveal something positive.

Maybe you stopped swinging by Starbucks after work and feel better for it.

Perhaps you were able to replace what you got out of visiting Starbucks with something else.

If it gave you an afternoon pick me up, what does this for you now?

You still might mourn not having a late-in-the-day caffeine kick, but that short run around the block gives you a burst of needed energy instead.

Once again seeing what is working and what is not.

Spend a little time this week thinking about, and possibly writing down, a status report.

Then decide whether your priorities are being met, or if you want to make a change or two.

As you train today, consider why something works for you. Cheers!!

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