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Cortisol High and Sleep Quality

Oh Man, Cortisol Dumped On Me

These past few days I have woken up with an intense rush of cortisol anxiety and feelings of fight or flight.

I also notice hot-flashes, and my skin feels itchy. I can not seem to get comfortable.

These are all made worse with alcohol.

Tonight I am going to try two things. Improved hydration and quiet time.

Improved hydration is achieved through drinking more water and less other things (like beer or wine).

Quiet time can be amongst other people or on my own. Like right now writing this post is quiet reflective time for me.

If I Can’t Stop It

Since I can not seem to stop the cortisol from spiking when going through transitional times, then I need to manage it on the other end.

Taking a moment to think that it is OK to feel this, and that it will pass is something that actually helps me.

Forcing my jaw muscles to relax, and taking deep breaths also helps.

My goal is to get a better nights sleep than I might if I did not do these things. If I wake up then that is OK too.

Getting back to sleep would be nice, but doing some midnight meditation is not so bad either.

If I need to get out of bed and do some flexibility and mobility exercise to release some of the tension?

Get up and do it.

Hanging It All On One Thing

It helps not to have an all-or-nothing attitude. If I do not sleep then the world will not be tougher to navigate, unless I make it that way.

If I get another cortisol dump it does not mean that I am doing bad things to myself.

If what I try to help me sleep does not work, that is OK. It does not mean I will never sleep.

What does a cortisol dump feel like to you? Can you tell when it is about to happen? How do you manage it?

Train well and sleep well. Cheers!!

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