Workout: Keep Your Fitness Journey Moving in High Gear

Everyone is excited this time of year to change. Lets take advantage of that motivation and keep the fitness journey moving in high gear!

Just because you’re not in the studio doesn’t mean we can’t all workout together. Take on the challenge below and see what you can do in the next 5 days. I think you will be surprised. It is simple, not time consuming and gives you great results! If you are running a 1/2 marathon and then a marathon you can pass, this time. 😉

For your @home fitness journey

As promised here is your workout plan. This is to be done everyday for the best results. It is Ok to do other activities in addition to these workouts.

Four (4) workouts throughout the day.

As soon as you wake up but before you eat, test how many of each of the following exercises you can do in one (1) minute for a total of four (4) minutes. You are not going for fatigue. Just keep moving and boot up your system for the day.

Morning boot-up (Test)

Time Exercise Completed reps
1 minute Body Weight Squats
1 minute Push-Ups
1 minute Crunches (Ab)
1 minute Rows


Now, take that half of number of repetitions you just did, of each exercise (divide by 2). Then, do 2-3 sets at three (3) separate times during the day. An example would look like this:

Morning boot-up (Test)

Time Exercise Completed reps
1 minute Body Weight Squats  20
1 minute Push-Ups 20
1 minute Crunches (Ab) 20
1 minute Rows 20


Round 1: 2-3 sets (10:00am), Round 2: 2-3 sets (4:00pm), Round 3: 2-3 sets (8:00pm). You get to choose the times of course. Those were just examples.

Rounds 1-3

Time Exercise Completed reps
1 minute Body Weight Squats 10
1 minute Push-Ups 10
1 minute Crunches (Ab) 10
1 minute Rows 10


For the best results, do each round before you eat.

Notes on How to:

To do a squat: Really, you all know how to squat by now! But, do me a favor and keep your shoulders back, chin down (if you had a glass on your head it wouldn’t tip over), and core tight… Pinch that walnut and NOW squat.

To do a push up: You can perform the move on the floor, on an incline (stairs/couch), or as a last resort, your knees if an incline can not be found.

To do a crunch: Lie on your back, cross your arms behind your head, find a spot rigth above you, on the ceiling, then push your bellybutton to the floor as you lift your shoulders off the floor, then lower yourself back down. To prevent neck strain do not pull on your neck as you come up instead, lift with your abdominal muscles and keep your arms crossed behind your head.

To do a row: Take a mini-band and loop it around a door knob. Get into an athletic stance – feet approximately shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in the knees – and grab the mini-band with one hand then pull towards you. When you have completed the reps on one arm, switch to the other side. Note: When performing the test in the morning to determine your number for the day, use your non-dominant arm.

This program has been modified but it originated with Dax Moy. If you want to learn more about Dax visit his blog at

Have a great Thursday through Monday and we will see you Tuesday, Jan. 15th or Wednesday, Jan. 16th. You can do it!!!!!!!!

See you soon!