Connecting With People Through Compassion

Connecting With Compassion

Connecting with feeling compassion for another’s circumstance can be eye opening.

I have read and heard many stories of people visiting a place where they witness extreme levels of poverty and are prompted to take action.

They create a charity, write a book and speak about their experience.

The exposure is necessary to bring in the finances to make what they want to accomplish happen.

All of them come from a place where they felt such a depth of compassion they could not step away.

Does this make them a better person? I do not know…

Did it make an impact on those people who’s experience and work drove the compassionate ones to work for their cause? I do not know…

My guess is that they do walk a path of feeling connected to certain people they have meet along the way.

As long as the people triggering the reaction gets help, they are good.

Empathy is Hard

Empathy is being able to imagine what it is like to live or experience someone else’s path.

You feel an emotional understanding. Not a feeling of distant horror.

We notice this when we watch movies. It is easier to connect with characters we identify with. If they hurt, we feel it. If they love, we feel it.

As a person living in the Northern American hemisphere, it is difficult to understand real poverty.

Images of people waiting in line for a bowl of rice in sweltering heat will forever be burnt in my mind from the TV infomercials that ran while I was kid.

I have never personally experienced such heat, nor that level of hunger.

Compassion for their situation is what I can feel.  Being a witness to humans who are having one of the hardest of life experiences I imagine there could be.

Through the fortune of my birth place, I will most likely never know what they know. And the opposite is also true.

I can sort of connect by the simple fact I’m human and wanting better for my family and loved ones.

Knowing, what that better we each seek is, maybe drastically different.

I know love, kindness, and fear. That I can connect with.

Showing kindness and compassion can give you a chance to connect with others who have a whole different life experience.

While training today, during your rest, think of a time you have felt compassion, and a time you felt empathy.