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Nutrition Coaching with a twist

When you join for Bit Better Coaching, you’ll join a successful habit based nutrition coaching program. A program where you get certified master nutrition coaches – certified by Precision Nutrition – who will help you lose fat and build muscle. It’s also a nutrition & fat loss program designed to teach you:

  1. What you need, so you can lose fat and gain muscle at any time
  2. Tips and techniques that ensure you do not gain it all back the week after the program is over!

Sure, lots of gyms have fat loss programs. Some even have programs that will “guarantee” you to lose a ton of weight or you get your money back. Sure, we too have a money back guarantee. But by the time you’re done learning from us, you’ll not only have lost weight and transformed your body, you will also come away with a different mindset when it comes to how to lose fat, get fit and get the body you want.

Wait, what? Why would I join your program then???

The other approach

These gyms may invite you to join a “fat loss challenge” or a “biggest loser competition”. They will probably hand you a meal plan, and a multi-step check-list of things you need to stop doing right now. Maybe they’ll tell you to show up at their gym each and every day. All they make you only eat lean protein and vegetables (i.e. a “Paleo” or some other low carb diet).

One month later, you’ve lost some weight and you have been super consistent with your workouts. (Heck, with a restrictive combination like that, you’d better have lost a lot of weight!).

What you’ve accomplished is incredible. A true accomplishment, and your should celebrate your success!

They may even have convinced you to keep eating the “low carb diet” for the foreseeable future (Ummm. Wait, what?!?!)

Again, you have made a change and you have stuck to it. Congratulations!

But, all’s not well in the castle, is it..?

We suspect you’ve been on this specific ride before. At least once, if not several times…

Tell us, what typically happens a little while after the challenge/competition is over?

  • You start to channel your inner Homer Simpson (“Mmmm.. Cupcakes…!”);
  • You miss having a bread-roll with the occasional dinner meal;
  • Your daily trips to the Starbucks drive-through for your favorite whatever resume; or
  • You’re really good at “staying the course” and it takes another month or more.

But invariably, you start to veer off of the restrictive diet you were given.

Ain’t it the truth!

If your diet is restrictive, it’s almost a given that you will eventually quit and return to your old habits.

So ask yourself this; Now what happens?

Did you learn something about yourself and what nutrients your body needs during their 21 day challenge?

Are you willing to eat only what’s on their meal-plan, for the next 20-50+ years of your life?


We didn’t think so.

Join us: Successful Body Transformations

First of all, the program you join when we coach you is a full a 12 month program.

That means that when you sign up, you’re being coached and followed up for the full 12 months.

It may seem like a long time now, but you may find yourself thinking this is the easiest diet you will have ever been on! (For the record; Bit Better is not a diet, nor do we put you on one!)

Our coaching program is a habit-based nutrition coaching program. If you commit to following the program consistently, we’ll help you shred the fat and the inches.

We promise you

  1. You won’t be on a restrictive diet.
  2. What you eat is entirely up to you.
  3. You can follow the program from your own office or living room, or while going to a different gym.
  4. If you follow the advice of your Bit Better Coach, at least 90% of the time, you can expect to see an awesome transformation.
  5. If you follow the advice of your Bit Better Coach, at least 80% of the time, you can still expect great results.
  6. You will get the tools and techniques you need to lose fat and keep it off, permanently!
  7. With Bit Better Coaching, you’ll feel better and look better than you do today, guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for?

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