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Celebrate With a Surprise

What is your favorite way to celebrate…anything?

This is a big year of celebrations in my family.

There is a 50th and an 80th birthday, plus a 25th anniversary.

Big milestone numbers.

There has been a bit of discussion around how to celebrate.

My goal is always to help make the day a little special.

Do not want to forget, but do not want to go crazy overboard either.

I like to gather and hang out.

Maybe have a nice meal, a toast or two, and cake.

Love the cake!

Does it Matter

Does celebrating matter to you?

In some ways it matters to me, in other ways it does not.

For me, it does not make what is being celebrated better…

It is fun to do something different, but I know that regardless of what celebration happens, time keeps on turning and those days will come and go anyway.

Doesn’t matter if I am on the couch watching TV, or with my family hanging out.

The anniversary or birthday will come and go.

I like to celebrate other people, but find celebrating myself a bit hollow.

My expectations are never meet, even when I try not have any.

Being the center of attention is very draining for me.

Maybe, if I get to an age that I did not expect to achieve and feel good in my body, a celebration might feel right for once?

Enjoy The Positive Today

Celebrate every day with a little positive moment.

Dance a little, laugh a little, share time with those you care about.

Why save up a celebration for a certain time or date?

Celebrate a little everyday.

Cheers too getting in a training session. Doing a little dance!

Yes, I want online training!

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