Can’t seem to lose weight?

Are you big boned and can’t seem to lose weight? Or maybe you can lose weight easily enough, but  once you’ve lost it, you are unable to keep it off?

In the last post, we talked about being big boned, and how your skeleton is a poor indicator of your body composition (your femur, on the other hand…)

In this post, we’ll be discussing how your mental self-image can be a powerful ally (or enemy) when it comes to sustained fat loss.

If you were to search the Interwebs for “fat loss” and “visualization”, you’d get a ton of hits. All of which contain some version of “think yourself skinny” as their tagline. That’s not what  this post is about.

Think of yourself as big…

There is a valid point they do make – maybe not the one they intend to make, exactly;

If you are unable to see yourself as a being anything other than a fat person, you are a lot less likely to make the decisions and choices that will help you change that reality.

It’s a bit like the old “if you don’t like yourself, how can you expect anybody else to like you?”

Which is really harsh. And horrible. And not something we should dwell on at all.

Moving on.

The real point is that if you “see” an outcome in your minds eye, you are far more likely to achieve it.

This ties back to the problem with accepting that “you’re just big boned”.

Being “big boned” is not something you can change…

You’ve decided to fail at weight loss

See the problem with accepting the (not real) “reality” that you’re big boned?

You just gave yourself permission to fail at every weight loss / fat loss / exercise plan you’ll ever start.

That seems like a very productive place to be, does it?

What if, the next time you think of yourself as “big boned”, or any other negative self-image, you do this instead…

Look at yourself in the mirror and find ONE thing about your body that you like or are proud of. Then think about that one thing for a second.

Let that be your one small, tiny, teeny, thing you for today. The ONE thing you do to start changing your perspective and get ready to be successful at your next fat loss program.

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