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Busting Out The Stress Buster

Stress Buster

Why you might need a stress buster on the regular.

Managing stress can be about knowing how to recognize that stress is what you are experiencing and taking steps to mitigate those feelings.

Stress, for me, is a perfect example of how feelings can turn into physical symptoms.

If you manage stress well then the feelings of stress are the same as feelings of happiness, excitement, or frustration.

It comes on and you feel it. The emotions act as a pointer to how you are experiencing a situation.

They can help you make a mental note to do more of something, or to steer away from that thing in the future.

Sometimes situations are out of our control, like traffic and poor driving.

You can do your best to prevent certain situations, but when people act unpredictably there maybe very little that you can do.

Stress Busting

Back to stress busting.

Stress, for me, is not usually fleeting.

It pops up out of the blue and gets my mind running, to the point where I have physical reactions.

All of this is hard to derail, or turn off.

I have to find ways to manage this, before I feel stressed.

Otherwise my sleep is poor, my reactions are bad and I stress even more.

I experience Stress less as a train track towards a single destination and more as a roller coster going round ‘n round, stopping every now and then.

I try to do things to ensure the coaster to stays in the starting gate for longer periods of time.

Also, if it gets started, I try to minimize the number of times it goes around.

Bust a Move

One thing that helps me is movement.

Dancing is a great one because there is music and I’m moving to a beat.

I am still trying to find a form of mediation that helps me.

Mindful meditation helped a little, but not in the way I had hoped.

It did not leaving me feeling like I had a reprieve from my mind.

Some moments of stillness , if I am going around the roller coaster.

A way to reset and try and break out of my ruminating.

TV is my “drug” of choice. It helps to distract me, but it does not really add a sense of wellbeing.

It is more a pause button than a reset.

Is stress for you just a feeling, or emotion that comes and goes like other emotions?

Do you need stress busting? If so, what do you use to stay a head of it, or to manage stress?

Break out some moves while training, and reset stress. Cheers!!

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