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Bird Food, Enough Food

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Bird Like Eating

Eating like a bird… Will that be enough food?

Today I experimented with eating less.

Eating just until I noticed I had eaten.

I was hungry more often, but that was OK.

Feeling a bit emotional lately is making me feel like I need a snack almost all the time.

Today I figured I would eat, but only until I felt food in my stomach.

That helped me “snack” a little and feel satisfied.

Too Much Sucks

Overeating comes with baggage I am not wanting right now.

Food tastes great and is entertaining while eating it, but eating past satisfaction triggers all kinds of emotions I am fine not feeling.

How is that working for me?

Today it worked out just fine.

Who knows if that will be what happens tomorrow.

I will start off that way, and see what happens.

What is your latest experiment? It does not have to be food related!

If you are in a good space and riding a wave, then cheers to that.

Experiments are great when things are no working the way you would like.

Train a little, eat a little, love a lot. Cheers!!

Notice: This Friday we will be conducting a fitness test during your workout.

Yes, I want online training!

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