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Baby it’s Freaking Cold Outside

Freaking Cold

What do you do when it gets Freaking cold? 

Good clothing helps, a lot. So does training indoors.

Indoors does not always help. When we ran a brick and mortar gym, we did not have the best heating.

In order to warm up, clients needed to get moving and keep moving.

Then bundle up afterwards.

I find that I burn more calories in the winter, trying to stay warm. 

If I add purposeful movement there is real bang for my buck.

Running Caution

The only caution we ever give is to be careful below 20 degrees. 

Training outside below 20 degrees for anyone who has difficulty breathing, well it can cause problems.

Indoor training, or making it a lighter day, can be a better choice in those situations.

Doing some sprint drills inside, or even an intense HIIT session can support your efforts. Especially if those efforts have to do with running.

Save the longer runs for days when the temperature is above 20 degrees. 

Living in Colorado has its benefits. One of them is that it may get cold, but the cold does not stay around long.

We have a couple of days of chilly weather, and then it warms up again.

Not great for headaches kicked off by sudden temp changes, but great for training.

Git’er Done

I do not mind training between 50 and 32 degrees F. It is easy to dress for and not so easy to get overheated.

Breathing does not get challenging because the air is not too cold coming in to your lunges.

If feels like you get an extra boost, because it is not pleasant to wander in, so moving with speed is a benefit.

It is also slightly more work for your body to stay warm. As I mentioned, more energy is burned just trying to keep your core heated correctly.

Colder months do not mean no outdoor time.

It just means you want to be mindful of what the temp is and what type of activity you are doing.

Get out there and enjoy the benefits of the colder months.

What is your favorite temperature to train in?

Indoors or out, have fun training today. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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