Finding Fun Each Day

Day- Ricard Rodríguez [CC0]

A Day For Fun

Every day can be a day of fun, if you focus on finding the fun in it.

Why can finding fun each day be so great?

Think about it for a second…tick, tock.

Fun leads to smiles. Smiles lead to feeling good. Feeling good leads to a sense of wellbeing.

Having a sense of wellbeing can give balance to life.

Even if you are working crazy hours, throw in some fun and it does not seem so long or crazy.

Learning With Fun

Whenever I am trying to learn something new, a little fun or humor will help me remember.

If I take things too seriously then I start to get bummed out. At that point I’m just not too much fun to be around.

Having a good belly laugh cheers me right up.

Doing something I think is fun can lead to a good laugh.

Setting myself up for more laughs adds to my sense of wellbeing.

Fun is so subjective that you can totally decide what that is.

You can have fun by yourself, or with others.

Fun does not care, it just is waiting to be had.

Growing up there were two fun things that helped me with my reading.

A “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, and “Mad Libs”.

Mad Libs was a story with blanks in it. You were to add in a word in order to complete the story.

(Google it, if you don’t know. They have on-line options now.)

There were directions on what kind of word you should be adding. A noun, a verb, etc.

You could make up a really funny story, or a very serious one.

Give It Go

You could try Mad Lib for training.

Give yourself general directions like legs, arms, core, front, back, ground, air. Then see what type of movements you choose to do.

Add a little fun to your day when training. Cheers!!

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Walk Awake


Walk Yourself Awake

Need to wake up? Go for a walk!

Going for a short walk first thing in the morning gets the brain fired up.

This morning, I went for a 30 minute walk and felt pretty awake most of the day.

I am going to give it a try tomorrow as well.

Get a good nights sleep, take a shower, eat some food and walk.

It also helps me pretend I am walking to work. Instead of rolling out of bed and starting to work.

I have been getting up, showering and having breakfast, but not walking.

It will be interesting to see how well it continues to work.

Maybe I will sleep better, which would be amazing!

Morning Active

Do you like to do activities in the morning that get you going?

Maybe your day already ingrates it in, like walking to work.

Or, being in front of a group of people (kids) and moving around while giving instructions.

Office workers and drivers have it tough.

There is a lot of sitting, unless you decide to be different and set a reminder to move every once in awhile.

Bringing your lunch to work can be a good thing, but it can also lead to eating at your desk.

That is not such a good thing.

Of course, every now and then, it might need to be done…

Most of the time, taking at least 20 minutes to eat your lunch is great break during the day.

Middle of the Day Walk

When I was between semesters of school and working a full time temp job, lunch was my walking time.

I wasn’t really there, at the temp job, to make friends. Plus, the job was mindless.

To stay a wake in the afternoon, I needed to get my circulation pumping.

Granted, at the time my nutrition was awful.

A diet coke does not a meal make!

I was in my early twenties, so give me a break.

Now that I know more it is still a challenge to consistently choose wisely as to what my next meal will be.

As fatigue and tiredness hits, less thinking and more feeling is involved.

Try a walk to wake up, any time of day and see what happens for you.

Train a little, walk a little, and stay awake. Cheers!!

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Not A Fan Of Daylight Savings Time


Daylight Where Its Needed

I would like a little daylight in my mornings, and a little darkness in my evenings.

We just had a blizzard the first week of daylight savings time.

Do I need the extra hour of daylight in the evening right now?

Nope not really.

Would I like a little sun earlier in the day?

Yes, I would.

It is easier to get up in the morning and maybe get in a walk.

Cozy Evenings

Cozy evenings are nice. I like cuddling up with some tea or wine watching a show, or reading a book.

That is the evening activity I enjoy.

All of a sudden I now feel this pressure to go out and do something.

All that changed was an hour.

It feels like soo much more.

Starting work in the dark feels a bit lonely.

I do like my solitude, but it feels like everyone else is sleeping.

Even though I know that is not true. Someone has to be making the donuts.

Reverse Depression

I doubt it is a thing, but I feel a little melancholy yesterday and today.

It has been a little stressful with work.

Not feeling that I have enough time, even though I actually spend extra time.

As least for the first time today, I do not feel like my eyes are ready to shut at 5pm.

This was a bit of a self-indulgent rant about losing an hour of time in the morning.

I used to love the idea of “sleeping in” when fall comes around.

Not so much now, since I really do not have a choice.

Where you live, do you have daylight savings time? If so, how do you deal with it?

Move a little, laugh a little, live a little. Cheers!!

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Warning, It’s Winter


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Today we had a winter blizzard in Denver.

I won’t fault you for thinking a blizzard at winter in Denver should be expected.

Those of us who live here know how unusual it actually is.

This specific winter blizzard seems like a fairly mild thing, here in the city.

I’ve lived in New Hampshire and Norway, so snow accumulation measured in inches and not feet seems fairly “not all that blizzard like”.

But on the plains, without trees or cover, I can imagine how snow blowing sideways could be a bit scary.

You would not care all that much about accumulation when you can’t drive because the wind it too strong and you can barely see.


Lucky for us a storm comes and goes, just like each season.

It is a great reminder that nothing is constant.

Change is the norm, not repetition.

I wonder if it’s possible to find repetition in the adaptation to change.

The thought that change becomes the comfort of being alive.

Not settling into a routine which, when it gets up-ended, sends your life in S

I like small routines, like a good morning ritual.

But some things cause more stress. That is, unless they are “handled”.

We have a vacation coming up that needs a little planning.

I do not want to be the one to set the plans because then I want to stick to that plan.

I find it frustrating to spend time getting things organized, only to have spontaneity make light of your plans.

Going with the flow seems easier.

Letting someone else take the lead. (Ed: Message received!)

What do you like?

To take the lead and make a plan, or just follow along?

Is adapting to change its own form of comfort?

If you feel that way, why?

Enjoy the season you are in while training, it will be gone soon. Cheers!

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Inspiration From Frustration


Fruits of Frustration

Have you ever felt frustration from thinking you could do, or contribute, more?

Sometimes when you get bored, or demotivated, it could be because of your frustration with how things are done.

I have lived with someone who is always looking to improve systems, for more than twenty years.

When you have an idea that you believe will make life better and no one listens, it can be very demotivating.

One idea for how to cope is to plant seeds of inspiration in those around you.

Find people who will talk about and advocate for your idea.

Slowly, over time, an “out there” idea might get some backing from people who can actually make it happen.

Find Your Friends

Gathering people who share your frustration, or have some of their own, can help to spark creativity.

How can your experiences come together and support each other.

Maybe you have tried to solve things one way, and they another.

Combined the solutions are even better.

Being open to other people’s ideas, while nurturing your own can be tricky. I find this to be more true if the ideas are really different from “normal”.

Compromising your way out of your idea is not a good plan either.

Finding commonalities that you both can build on may lead to something different. Maybe better…

Instead of giving up or getting complacent, try to harness the creativity that can be born from frustration.

While you train, think about it? Cheers!!

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J E T L A GGGG, A State of Tiredness


State of Tiredness

After I have been in Denmark for a week and now back, jetlag has put me in a state of tiredness.

Today, for instance, I can already tell that when the sun goes down, I will be useless.

True, I have been in bed by 8:15 the past two nights and asleep in about 5-10 minutes…

In Denmark that same time is the 4:00 am golden hours. The last two hours of sleep before I had to get up.

Each day I felt like I could sleep until real late.

But, I love my morning routine when I am there, so it gets me up and going.

It makes my day pretty good.

Routine To Fight the Jet Lag

What gets me up in the morning while in Denmark is the amazing breakfast at the hotel and the nice walk to work, though a couple of parks.

One of the parks is a favorite of the local dogs, so there is always dog watching on my way to and from work.

A dog can easily put a smile on your face, even if it is cold and rainy.

Back here in Denver, my routine does not have the same perks.

I do not get fresh hearty bread, three different ones to choose from.

I’m not getting really good coffee, coffee that does not seem to get me all hyped up.

And of course, the walk with dogs and the amazing buildings to look at.

At home, I mosy on from bed to the shower and then find myself something to eat.

Next I am on-line and working.

I keep hoping to get in a morning and afternoon walk.

With daylight savings time, my mornings are once again back in the dark.

I am not very comfortable heading out for a walk around 7:30am.


I do think it would be fun to pretend that I’m walking to the office and then walk home from the office.

That way I would get in two half hour walks, each day.

My body would thank me for that and so would my mind!

How are your morning routines going? Did you consider how those help set up your day?

Train a little and get off to a great start! Cheers!

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Winging It vs. Preparation

winging-Jonathan Wilkins [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Winging It

The Figuring out when winging it is the way to go, versus getting prepared.

Some people only believe in preparation, while others go for winging it the majority of the time.

From what I have read and discovered myself; If you are hoping for a certain outcome, preparation is the way to do.

If you do not really care about what the outcome is, then winging it can work just fine.

In some ways, winging it can add to the adventure and lead to some amazing outcomes.

A lot is left to chance and circumstance, but as long as you are not married to a specific outcome, that is part of the fun.


Preparation is important if you have a specific goal in mind.

You can gather information, make a plan, and execute your plan.

More than likely, you will get pretty close to the goal that you want to achieve.

All that matters is being realistic about the goal and about the amount of time you expect it to take to get there.

Even when preparing leaving room for adjustments is important.

If you have training goal, tracking your progress and reassessing weekly or biweekly will allow you to either push your progress, or pull back and add recovery ias needed.

Once you commit to a training program it is important to stick with it until the end.

There will always be good and bad weeks.

If you abandon ship and start a different program mid-way, your outcome becomes a little more unpredictable.

If you have milestones that you are not hitting and you have time, then you may want to consider a program switch.

But if you are training for one event within the year and there are other events beyond that, in your future, stick with the original program.

The only way to know if it will work or not is to see it through to the end.


This is easy to say as an amateur. There is not a livelihood on the line, or future opportunities.

It is my ego that is mostly driving me.

Sometimes our ego can get in the way of what is practical and helpful.

Insecurity can kill momentum and do it impossibility fast.

It convinces you the best move is to jump ship, or retreat.

Finding a way to work through insecurity.

To get to a headspace where you make a balanced decision is important. It doesn’t work well to wing it in those situations.

What has your experience been? Is winging it your preferred way to experience life, or is it all about preparation? Why?

Train a little, laugh a little and have good day. Cheers!!

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Move An Object, or Move Your Body…What is Strength?

Object-Redclown at English Wikipedia [Public domain]

Move An Object

Is being able to move a heavy object a true sign of strength?

For awhile I got caught up in the idea that lifting heavy things is what would give me strength.

Deadlifting, squatting, and bench pressing did lead to more overall physical strength.

I could do 11-12 pull ups, and about 15-20 push ups.

My mobility and agility were not as balanced as the strength I had gained, so in some ways I would say I wasn’t strong at all.

Move A Man

It was very motivating to think about being able to carry and save my husband, dog, and cat in a fire situation.

In my head, I would play a scenario of how I could get them all to safety in one go.

When I was doing hallway runs with a heavy sand bag, I thought “now this is functional fitness!”

But, I only got to 100lbs. I could not have carried my husband anywhere.

I could have managed the dog and cat.

Lifting weight did make me feel strong, but I was not doing much body movement exercises at the time.

I wish I had done that. Being able to confidently move your body through space is a very big power booster.

In gymnastics I always felt so heavy.

There was too much of me to move around.

Point of View

The idea that I was too big made it hard for me to pursue athletic movement like gymnastics.

I enjoyed dancing a lot more.

One thing I could do was jump.

Which was funny because I was not a basketball or volleyball player.

My small stature did not make me the go-to-person in either of those sports.

I think being shorter gave me the element of surprise when it came to jumping and leaping in dance.

It was a surprise at how big I could make a movement, so that seemed grand.

Compare me to a taller person who can really jump and then I imagined the “oh now I see” comment.

When the realization that I really did not jump all that high hit them.

But, when moving I did feel strong.

I think I felt even stronger than I when deadlifting double my bodyweight.

What do you think? Do you feel stronger when moving your own body, or when moving a stationary object?


Move, train, and dance a little. Cheers!!

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Slow Down, Speed Up

speed-Wallpoper [Public domain]

Add Speed By Slowing Down

Have you ever done something so fast that you made mistakes?

Mistakes that made you have to redo what you just did, or set you back more than when you started.

Speed seems like a good idea, until you get in your own way.

You start cutting corners without really thinking about it.

It becomes easy to look too far ahead and miss what needs to happen next.

Being motivated by what you want to achieve is a good thing, but realizing it is the process of getting to make it happen, that makes it happen.


I was the math student who always wrote down the answer, but did not write down how I got to the answer.

Whenever the teacher would ask, I only wondered why it was important.

Wasn’t the answer being right or wrong all that mattered?

As I got older I learned with time that it was the steps to get you to the answer that were the most important.

They reveal whether you truly understood the process to get to the answer.

Of course, it was a surefire way to know that you were probably not cheating.

Having the process broken down made it easier for the teacher to provide feedback as well.

If something did not add up, they could point to the part that caused things to go sideways.

Movement Application

Not only does going slow build strength and control, it also lets you ingrain a movement pattern.

Going slow is less impact on your joints as well, which will help you to stay active for longer.

It is a great complement to other sports.

A quick and simple exercise is to take the basic movements of your favorite activity, then slow it down.

Pretend you are pushing through molasses.

Imagining resistance to your movements, creating tension in your muscles.

After you have this down, start to speed up while trying to keep the fluidity, agility, and mobility of your movements.

My guess is, after awhile you will be moving faster, even faster than if you would have gone for speed from the start.

Add a little slow-mo to your training today. Cheers!!

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Get Sorted

User:Dcoetzee, User:WDGraham [CC0]

Getting your week sorted out and ready to go is one way to take any stress down a notch.

When life is real busy and you feel like you are chasing after things to get them done, take control by sorting out what you need to do.

There are many ways to sort things out. Finding the one that works for you is all that matters.

For people who can afford it, it is hiring someone who is in charge of scheduling your time.

Might sound crazy, but sometimes this is what is needed to allow enough brain power so you can focus where your talents lie.

Someone who likes to schedule people either really love to be in control, or are looking for a way to a better job.

Either way they need to, or will do, a good job.

For us average “Pats”, we do our own scheduling.

Tools To Use

A couple of tools that I find useful are sorting my emails, using a calendar for reminders, and looking ahead to the week, or next day.

I usually have a lot of emails to sort through in the morning.

Some of them I need to take immediate action on, others I can categorize so I can take action on them later in the day.

I search for the emails that need to get done asap, act on them and then file them away.

That is how I know they are done.

I split my day up with different tasks to help me work through the emails that got categorized.

The calendar is something I use as a reminder to check on order delivery times.

That way when I enter an order, I can add a reminder for a day a week or two away to help me to keep track of the order.

A Look Ahead

On Sundays I like to look ahead at the week and see what is coming up.

The calendar reminders are good for this as well. They work as a tracking sheet for me.

The real tracking sheet is a simple exported Excel spreadsheet of all our orders, with notes on them.

That way I have one easy reference place to see things that are coming up.

It is also a way to communicate with other people about the status of orders for the week.

What tools do you use in your life to keep things sorted, and to de-load stress in your life?

Enjoy your time training today. Cheers!!

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