Set An Intention


Intention Set…Go

I have been reading a little about setting an intention.

Set an intention in the morning or the night before, then reflect on how it went the evening after.

It is another way to make a little change and adjust.

This shrinks it down even further to; Just one day, one intention.

Give it a try and see how it goes.

Or you can read more about Stoicism

Consider it while your training and note your intention in some way afterwards. Cheers!

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Stoic Mindset, Hmmmm

stoic-Danae Theoharis [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Stoic Is What?

Stoic is defined as;

a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.

Google Dictionary

Is “not showing your feelings” the same as “not feeling”?

I do not think so.

Is it unauthentic?

That, I think, is a personal call.

Since I am sensitive to other people’s emotions, it would be great if being stoic was more of a thing.

These days emotion seem to be used as a weapon.

There is so much shared outrage over small to big things.

If a person feels it, they have a real choice to express their outrage to a wide audience.

Responsible Emotions

Being selective about sharing emotions could be considered responsible.

There is a difference between feeling it and emoting it, but choosing not to express it.

Growing up with a person who did not know how to express anger, but you knew when they were angry, gives me an understanding of emoting feelings.

The silent treatment is an expression of emotion, even if it is not being verbally expressed.

Can a person feel an emotion, recognize the emotion and decide what to do with it, without expressing it?

I think with practice a person can do this. In meditation it is called equanimity.

Maintaining calmness, especially in difficult situations.

Sound familiar?

Cutting Anger

Feeling anger towards getting cut off or seeing somebody jump in line is something we all face.

Filling in the backstory of why someone cut in can help ease that anger.

It is a minor annoyance in your day.

Does it really need to impact the rest of it?

How we choose to react to our feelings of anger is all on us.

Maybe recognition of the emotion is enough. Something like this;

“Yeah, that person cutting line sure made me feel angry.

But that is over now and I do not need to feel that anymore.”

By the time you are out the door, you have moved on with your day.

Sounds nice. 🙂

Something to contemplate while training... Cheers!!

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Practice Movement To Keep Moving

moving-Ben Sutherland [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Moving Practice

Practicing movement can be what helps keep you moving.

I saw a great video of a group of seniors in China who meet outside to practice movement.

This group were doing calisthenics and gymnastics way into their 70’s.

Not just touching toes, but doing splits. It was amazing and bizarre to watch.

The strength they exhibited, along with flexibility was very unexpected.

It gave me hope that even if I never reach that level there is the possibility to be amazing.

Start off Small

Small in this case means pushing you to your limits, where you are at.

Not measuring your ability against anything outside yourself.

Finding inspiration, like the Chinese seniors, is a great way to be motivated as long as expectations are kept in check.

I know that most likely I will never be as flexible and strong as the people I saw, but I will be the most that I can be.

Why do I think it is important..?

Because it will help with balance and staying mobile for a long time.

Mobility and Longevity

Watching my parents navigate the world, I see how important it is to have confidence in moving through an environment.

How you experience life can shift to be more cautious just through your movement style.

Confidence in movement can help you stay connected to that feeling of confidence.

Which can allow you to advocate for yourself in situations you come against.

In what ways do you find mobility, flexibility, and strength enhance your life?

Will you training today give you a boost of confidence?

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Nutrients…Nature’s Energy Nuggets

nuggets-Evan-Amos [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Nuggets of Energy

Is it possible to break a cycle of tiredness with nuggets of energy?

A big question about food is whether all calories are created equal.

Calories are what gives us the energy we need to be active, think, and survive each day.

Depending on genetics, body composition and activity levels your needs will vary.

Part of the mystery of being you is finding out what level of energy you need to live the life you want.

If you like a more sedentary lifestyle, it makes sense that you would need fewer calories.

What does not change is that we all need nutrients to be healthy and keep our bodies running the best it can.

Nutrients Count

In a car allegory, calories are like the fuel for the body.

Nutrients are the window wash, oil, lubrication, electrons, battery acid, etc.

All the parts that allow you to use the fuel the best you can.

Out goal is to run efficiently. To get the best gas milage and stay in running order.

It matters what you use for each one of the elements.

A donut is not going to give your intestines the best digestive process.

Whereas oatmeal will help your digestion and provide a slow burning energy that will sustain you longer.

It’s more bang for your buck (quite literally).

Flavor Factor

What is weird with this car vs. human body analogy is that a car does not have taste buds, or behaviors.

To most people a donut tastes better than oatmeal.

Unless you have a strong conviction as to why you want to eat oatmeal, it would be hard to leave that donut alone in a side by side choice test.

That is why having oatmeal in your cupboards and leaving donuts at the store make it easier to choose.

If you are feeling low on energy and a little down in general, try switching out one food habit for another. One that will give you a nutrient boost.

Oatmeal over donut, for example.

This is not a matter of willpower. This is a matter of energy management.

Give your day a little boost with a training session. Cheers!!

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Gratitude + Organization = Calm

organization-Mosart 81 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Organize Your Calm

Thomas and I downsized back in 2015. Sold our house and got rid of a lot of stuff.

It was a relief and felt very freeing.

This last summer we downsized again, moving in to an even smaller apartment.

What is funny is I still have a hard time taking the time to clean.

Even though cleaning our apartment takes up a lot less time.

Part of it is that I have never found the gratitude for the place we live, or the things we own.

Valuing Stuff

Clothing, furniture and tools we use in our daily lives, like kitchen utensils, either have a purpose, or make things pretty.

Now, most of our things are practical and less pretty.

I do think that having things organized, regardless of their use, can make them pretty.

Clean lines and practicality have been two things that I really appreciate about design.

Looking around our little apartment, I see places where this can be improved.

I also see things that can be let go of, opening up more space.

Decluttering is a long process.

It takes a few cycles.

Gratitude Cycle

This next cycle can be a little bit more about appreciating what we own.

Being grateful for what it provides.

Recognizing the gift that owning it is.

If you I do not feel that way about something, maybe it is time to let it go.

My focus has been; “does it do something for me? Do I need it instead of want it?”

Switching that to gratitude takes away the judgment and guilt when it comes to what you want to keep.

I can see how it can build a home and not just a place to eat and sleep.

How do you find gratitude in your home and with the things you own?

Look to find appreciation for the equipment and your body, that helps you to train each day. Cheers!!

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Staying Ignorant, Good Plan?


Ignorant Bliss

Can bliss come from being ignorant about the world?

I was listening to a pod cast and the interviewer remarked on how happy the interviewee always seemed to be.

The interviewee claimed that a big part of his happiness came from avoiding the headlines about culture and politics in the world.

He didn’t get caught up in other people’s drama, or allow himself to aggravated about things he could not control or impact.

Just like there are people who live for the outrage, he lived to ignore all that causes the outrage.

Focus on What Matters

What mattered to him? He son, mom, friends, work buddies…the people in his life.

The people he could help, and who bring him a smile each day.

This all makes sense…right.

Those are the things that matter to him. Things that are real and he can be part of.

What do you consider important?

How does it impact your emotional life?

When you train today, will you feel better or no different when done?

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Wake Up With One Eye Open?

Wake - Pavel Ševela [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Wake Up With Movement

When you roll out of bed, but really just want to roll back in, what do you do to wake up?

I used to get in the shower as soon as possible.

It may been brutal, but it worked.

Of course, the shower ended up being long and scorching.

Anything to avoid feeling cold.

I have been doing some joint movement exercises this past week and it feels good.

Then I jump in the shower, so I feel put together and grown up.

Jump in or Ease In?

Jumping into the day was a shower, easing in has been about moving.

Either way I keep the lights low and the sound to a minimum.

Maybe I need to throw on the lights and turn up a song and get going.

For me that feels like an invasion.

It does not feel like I am getting a jump-start to my day.

More like a shot out of a canon!

You Pick

There is not one “right way” to approach how to begin a day.

People who are sensitive to the world around may need a softer start.

People who need to create their own stimulation may need that extra “I am alive”. Take charge by turning on all the lights, and the radio.

Hopefully the people we live with can find neutral ground where we all get a bit of what we need.

How do you like to start your day?

Have you ever changed it up?

Train a little in the am to see if that wakes you up. Cheers!!

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Finding ways To Thrive


Thrive Your Way

Looking for ways to thrive and not just get by.

Since I started this new position I have lived to just get by.

This was a drastic change from putting most of my focus on how to be healthy through nutrition, exercise, and mentally.

All of a sudden, I was faced with the average day of my clients.

Working their butts off to make sure they performed well at their jobs and taking care of their families.

The energy needed, and even the idea of taking care of myself seems like a bit too much.

Even though I know doing that will make everything else soo much easier.

A Little Here, A Nudge There

I have been starting to nudge myself into doing things I know are a bit better for me.

Adding in a little mediation again. Trying to calm my mind to help with sleep and energy.

My nutrition needs to step it up a little more.

It seems to be a challenge just to get the grocery shopping in!

Then once the groceries are in the house, taking the time to make something to eat is a different challenge.

I do pretty well with breakfast, as long as I have the ingredients.

Lunch is still a struggle, unless I have left-overs.

Dinner is a hit or a miss altogether.

Tonight it was “breakfast for dinner”.

Which I do like, a lot.

The desire to do more to make things change faster is real.

It is important to keep in mind that change feels a lot more taxing than coasting along on your current habits.

So keeping it simple can help keep things going.

I am not as concerned about “changing” as I am about finding a way to thrive in my current life.

Find a way to have more energy for doing the things I enjoy and being with the people I care for.

What makes you feel as if you are thriving in your life right now?

Do a little training for a bit of energy boost. Cheers!!

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Diving into Emotions to Chill Out.

diving-Christopher Michel from San Francisco, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Diving in, to Chill Out

Can diving into emotions help you to chill out?

Listening to a meditation audio today I was struck by the advice to dive into negative emotions, in order to chill out.

The idea being that the longer you avoid them, the longer they stay with you.

Which makes perfect sense.

If you have ever been around someone who gives you the silent treatment, you know nothing changes until they bury it deep, or finally talk.

When they talk it is more a conclusion than seeking to find common ground, or a joint resolution.

Can you really move on and put an emotional situation out of your mind if you bury it, or “decide” how it’s going to be?

Moving On

When faced with emotions that do not feel good, how does sitting with it and experiencing it make it better?

In someways it seems like wallowing in it.

If it is factual news that triggers emotions then I understand trying to get past why it makes you feel the way it does.

A fact can not be changed, and preventing someone from reacting a certain way is unpredictably impossible.

News is news. They aren’t good or bad, they are just news.

How we choose to take those news is our own choice.

Of course, being told horrible health news usually results in some distressing emotions.

But is recognizing them and experiencing them instead of running away by keeping busy, or making sure you have purpose, any better?

When my mom was in the hospital, I coped by being the caretaker of both my parents.

I cannot say that I sat with the fear of the unknown.

It was always there. Not really holding my hand, more like clinging to my leg.

I am sure life will offer up other opportunities to try something different.

Do you find diving into your emotions a solution that works for you?

Training can be an escape, or it can be a connection. It all depends on perspective…

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Micromanaging Sleep, Oh My

sleep micromanaging

Micromanaging Your Zzzzz

Micromanaging anything can be stressful and time consuming.

Since I am all about getting a good night sleep, I pay attention to articles that pop up in my newsfeed and have to do with sleep.

Hoping there is new insight in how to improve falling and staying asleep.

Last week I noticed a trend about micromanaging sleep.

As someone who has a hard time falling asleep, I consider any time I sleep a win.

Reading an article that states that just because you fall asleep quickly does not mean you are getting quality sleep is a bit of a head scratcher.

Another article I saw today was along the same lines. Not all sleep is quality sleep.

Getting into the details of feeling sleepy, even though you slept through the night.

What is Up?

Both of these articles lead you to a discussion about sleep dysfunctions, like sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea, if you don’t recall is where you have a difficult time breathing while you are asleep. In those cases, your sleep is not very restful.

Sleep apnea typically has to main sources; How you are physically put together, or from being overweight.

I remember first seeing a machine to help you get enough air while sleeping. It was included in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”.

Meg Ryan’s character had a boyfriend with all kinds of hereditary ailments that he could not help, one of them was allergies.

He looked like a relatively fit guy so as a result, I thought people with severe allergies needed to use a machine to get enough oxygen while sleeping.

Since that movie came out, obesity has become part of even more people’s lives.

Sleep apnea machines have become more common.

I think helping people get better sleep by raising awareness of sleep apnea is the main motive behind these articles.

Unexpected Side Effect

There are unexpected side effects of articles like this. People, like myself, who suffer from anxiety may wind up fretting a little more.

One of the articles did mention anxiety, and they suggested meditation to help deal with the anxiety and sleep.

This backs up other articles and studies I have seen stating that meditation can improve sleep, when anxiety is getting in the way.

Understanding the intent of an article can help decide how much to apply to your own life.

If in doubt, look for more information. If possible, try to find a study to review and help you understand.

Have you read articles that go too far into the weeds, so the forest gets lost for the trees?

How do you back up again so you can see the trees?

Get in a little training and set yourself up for a better night of sleep. Cheers!!

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