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Amped Up From A Mid-day Meal

Getting Amped Up

Getting amped up, not let down, from a mid-day meal is what I am looking for.

When you need all your brain power and energy to learn and be present, your mid-day meal better serve you well.

Each of us need to figure out what will give us an energy burst instead, of an after meal snoozer.

I have found that a lot of bread, sugar, and alcohol can all put me in an afternoon funk.

Lucky for us, alcohol is not considered an mid-day drink. So that is easy to avoid.

Bread and sugar, sandwiches and sugary drinks, are common parts of a mid-day meal in modern USA.

Salad Up

Lettuce and other greens have been making headlines lately with food poisoning incidents.

Avoiding greens is not exactly necessary, but making sure they are washed and clean is.

We are all better off being picky about where we eat a salad.

Can a salad bar allow you to avoid cross contamination from other restaurant goers?

The sneeze guard may not save you from getting ill by another persons germs.

Packing your own salad is a way to avoid getting ill by cross contamination.

Keeping the ingredients separate then putting them together before eating makes sure it all stays fresh and crisp.

Washing everything before cutting and packing.

When trying to avoid a energy slump, salad dressing, if store bought, is an ingredients list to watch out for added sugars.

Protein Up

Add protein to your salad to help you feel full longer.

Leftovers also make a great mid-day meal.

It is more common to have protein rich meal in the evening, but they can serve you well during the day too.

Leftovers can be an easy and time saving way to get ready for the following day.

If the leftovers are good cold, even better.

After you eat your meal, track your energy and focus levels for the next two hours.

Check in every half hour or so and ask questions like these;

  • Do I feel like taking a nap or am I ready to keep going?
  • What sounds good; Coffee, or water?

Make adjustments through your week as needed.

My guess, you already have clue about what works for you.

If you are having a hard time saying no to the food that makes you tired, then think “less” not “never”.

Hope training is a great kick off to your week. Cheers!!

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