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Acceptance Of Your Self

Finding Self Acceptance

The importance of self acceptance can be misunderstood.

We all want to have days where we feel great and joyous.

How can we do that without self acceptance?

Finding the headspace to be thankful, happy, and hopeful requires negative self-talk to be at a minimum.

I think this is why I enjoy novelty and adventure.

When being caught up in the new of an experience, it is easier to be in the moment and out of my head.

Not that it always works…

I remember being at a Muse concert and being more concerned with a family member we invited to the experience than I was with my own.

There were moments when I got up in the music with fellow “Musers”, but then I would return to “I hope they like it”, etc.

Giving Away Responsibility

It is important to recognize that you can give a recommendation, create something and share it, or express an opinion.

But, if someone else chooses to do, or believe something based on what you said, that is their choice.

Letting go of the responsibility ends there, correct?

Unfortunately, this can be debatable. Just look at vaccinations.

Plenty of people hold strong beliefs that vaccinations are worse than the illnesses they are trying to prevent.

Then there is science, with repeated studies stating the opposite.

Now that we have outbreaks of illnesses that were once under control, the question of requiring vaccinations is coming up.

How much responsibility lies with those who have more power, celebrity, and social weight for the outcomes resulting from them sharing their belief (coming out against vaccination)?

What about a healthy, unvaccinated child’s death from a preventable illness?

Does the individual parent hold the responsibility for listening to a source that they believed credible?

Accepting Yourself

If you do not take on the weight of the world when you share something about yourself it is easier to share.

Wanting to share something can help you uncover what is important to you.

Accepting those thoughts and behaviors can provide space to experience positive emotions.

What do you think? Is it complicated, or simple to accept yourself and share yourself with others? Why?

When training today think about which thoughts about training you would care to share with someone else. Cheers!!

Yes, I want online training!

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