Client Experiences with our programs

A lifetime of health benefits

Lost 30 lbs

I went from 205 pounds to 174. My waist size went from 36 inches to 34. My cholesterol and Triglycerides are now completely normal.In a nutshell, with guidance from Bit Better Coaching and a consistent workout and nutritional follow through, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming healthy!

Michael K.

Fun and Fast

I love the variety of exercises and focused training provided. The 45 minute cyclone session flies by and I'm getting stronger with each session

Caryl P.


Trainers are very accommodating to all levels of fitness. They manipulate the routine to optimize your workout even if you haven't worked out for years.

Sarah B

Hard Work

Yes, it's hard work, but I'm not watching the clock or my watch wishing the workout would end. It's just the opposite. I always feel a sense of accomplishment after each session.

Deb F.

My Skinny Jeans are too loose!

I may need to stop losing weight, I think. I just tried on my "skinny jeans". They're too big!

Laura B.

Lost 60lbs

It has helped me manage stress, sleep well at night and it has improved my health by leaps and bounds (including losing about 60lbs of fat!). My favorite part is knowing I now have the strength to take part in the activities I love to do on the weekends (yes, I'm a weekend warrior) while avoiding injuries and staying healthy!

Tom S.

Back on the horse!

I started riding horses again as an adult, and strength training really helps with overall conditioning for improved form. Being stronger just helps me to be a better rider in general.

Kath C.

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