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Christine Sjolshagen Thomas Sjolshagen

Christine Sjolshagen

Certified Personal Trainer, Master Nutrition Coach and Movement Fitness Specialis

American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer
ACE Senior Fitness Specialist
Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)
Master Coach (Precision Nutrition Level 2)
Parkour Fitness Specialist

Christine has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, where her interest in how an environment affects experiences and wellbeing is now seen through the lens of “healthy living”.

Through her own journey to reduce bouts of fatigue, and eliminate low grade migraines, she has learned how exercise and nutrition impacts her standard of living. This is her ongoing mission.

At 40 she started testing her level of fitness by participating in 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 marathons, obstacle mud runs, and Sprint triathlons. She loved the camaraderie, but didn’t care for the monotonous training and competitive vibe. She tried Parkour and loves it. She loves being outside to play with friends, while trying new skills, and pushing past her self-imposed barriers. Each practice is humbling and thrilling.

Thomas Sjolshagen

Certified nutrition and exercise coach

American Council on Exercise certified Group Instructor
Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)
Master Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Level 2)
Parkour Fitness Specialist
Assistant Parkour Coach (ADAPT Level 1)
Parkour Fundamentals Coach (ADAPT Level 2)
ParkourEDU Level 1 Coach (APEX Movement Internship)

Thomas has a long history of playing soccer, running long distances (several half marathons, a few full marathons, and a Goofy Challenge later…), weight training, fitness and nutrition which he has since formalized through education, certifications, and experience.

After more than 15 years as “a good corporate egg”, he decided that the office lifestyle didn’t match the needs of his body and health, and he dropped out to pursue a different life.

Thomas believes that

  • health, fitness and body composition are key elements in a life long journey,
  • any restrictive diets are doomed from the get-go,
  • it is perfectly fine to feel that a “workout” is a modern version of a torture device for adults.

Instead, we should find an activity to make us excited to move, challenge our brain as well as our bodies, and we should look forward to pushing ourselves both physically and mentally.

For Thomas, soccer (football!) and Parkour fit that bill.