Need To Do A Bit Better?

Need a Virtual Personal Trainer?

For only $19/month you get 30+ days of daily workout programs, plus the accountability tools to help you go to the gym.

Save big money on an online Personal Trainer experience, from the comfort of your home.

Our wish for you is simple.

Build a lifestyle and a healthy body to last you a lifetime.

Sometimes, that means training hard. Other times it means splurging on that piece of chocolate cake you've been wanting.

We believe in living a fit life, without restrictions. 

Living a fit and healthy life means making training (working out) fun. It also means paying attention to what you eat, how you eat and why you make the food choices you do.

If you're here, you've probably tried losing weight before.  You've tried the standard Fad Diet Approach, at least once. If not (many) more times...

Successfully living a healthy, fit life rarely starts with sudden and "traumatic" change. #TRUTH

You, before joining Bit Better Coaching

You know the drill.

Empty the wine fridge (Tomorrow morning is going to be rough!)

Clean out your fridge.

Trow all of the foods you enjoy in the trash. (*sigh*)

Sign up for a Gym Membership (Got lost on the way to the dreadmill yet?).

Grab a head of lettuce. (Longing for that wonderful burger you had last week!)

Or, if you're a little connected;

Hello Keto! (All of the above still applies.)

The good news?

You probably lost weight. Maybe even a lot of weight? (Great!)

What's next?

Have you thought about having to (try to) maintain those restrictions for the rest of your life?  #RECIPEFORFAILURE

Most traditional, and almost all of the latest "must try" fat loss programs, simply do not work over the long haul.  #TRUTH

Need a Virtual Personal Trainer?

For only $19/month you get 30+ days of daily workout programs, plus the accountability tools to help you go to the gym.

Save big money on an online Personal Trainer experience, from the comfort of your home.

What We Offer You

There are all sorts of theories about how to build healthy habits. (The human definition of “theory”, not the scientific one).

Heard the one about repeating behaviors for a certain number of times to “make the habit stick”?

Unfortunately, our brains are more lazy and clever than that

The secret to a healthy life

Keeping yourself fit, lean and healthy is about the habits you build. Build healthy habits to lead a healthy life and have a healthy, lean body.

We need consistent rewards to help us want to do something.

Hitting the treadmill or the StairMaster every day is probably not that rewarding for you. Certainly not in the long run!

If you want to become, or stay healthy you need to move with purpose. Regularly.

The best way to “move with purpose” (train/workout)?

  1. Have a clear idea of what to do when you train.
  2. Make sure what you’re doing is something you enjoy doing.
  3. Track how well the program is working for you.

These are all things available to you when you join our Online Personal Training program: Virtual Personal Trainer.

What is Virtual Personal Trainer?

When you sign up, we assign you a dedicated coach to work with you as you train at home . Although the program is online and very affordable, we pride ourselves on coaching you through this transition.

We send you a daily reminder full of health, fitness and nutrition information to your email Inbox. Your daily reminder email also contains a link to your health dashboard.

On your Health Dashboard, you’ll find;

  • A link to your daily workout,
  • Checkin every day for your workout activity,
  • Daily checkin to support any nutritional changes you’re making,
  • A notes field to let you privately track whatever you’d like to.

Whether you train at the gym, at home, or in a park use a phone/tablet to follow your workout (Or you can just print it out). With your mobile device, or you computer,  track, save and review your performance history while you work through the workout.

We have minimized the equipment you’ll need, so you can train in a gym, at home, or wherever you find yourself that day.

Each weekday has something different to do. Sometimes it’s weight/resistance based training. Sometimes it’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Occasionally, it’s a planned active recovery activity.

If you have a health condition or an injury, reach out to your coach. Using our messaging system, your coach will work with you to figure out how to modify your training plan.

Just like with an in-person personal trainer.

Online Personal Training

$30.00 per Month.

Please, I need a trainer!

Online and virtual Personalized Training Programs. Daily accountability reminders and follow-up, fun workout routines, and your own virtual certified personal trainer.

Our Customers

Client Experiences with our programs

A lifetime of health benefits

Lost 30 lbs

I went from 205 pounds to 174. My waist size went from 36 inches to 34. My cholesterol and Triglycerides are now completely normal.In a nutshell, with guidance from Bit Better Coaching and a consistent workout and nutritional follow through, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming healthy!

Michael K.

Fun and Fast

I love the variety of exercises and focused training provided. The 45 minute cyclone session flies by and I'm getting stronger with each session

Caryl P.


Trainers are very accommodating to all levels of fitness. They manipulate the routine to optimize your workout even if you haven't worked out for years.

Sarah B

Hard Work

Yes, it's hard work, but I'm not watching the clock or my watch wishing the workout would end. It's just the opposite. I always feel a sense of accomplishment after each session.

Deb F.

My Skinny Jeans are too loose!

I may need to stop losing weight, I think. I just tried on my "skinny jeans". They're too big!

Laura B.

Lost 60lbs

It has helped me manage stress, sleep well at night and it has improved my health by leaps and bounds (including losing about 60lbs of fat!). My favorite part is knowing I now have the strength to take part in the activities I love to do on the weekends (yes, I'm a weekend warrior) while avoiding injuries and staying healthy!

Tom S.

Back on the horse!

I started riding horses again as an adult, and strength training really helps with overall conditioning for improved form. Being stronger just helps me to be a better rider in general.

Kath C.

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